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Spheric Ship

A dome made of trees
Their leaves become blue if it's warm
And they disappear if 'tis fresh
From light blue to transparent
That's their cycle
Like on a ship that moves straight forward
The same dream,
Always the same, no pauses
From tenderness to wildness: a deep sea
So many fish in there:
Blue, yellow, white, the glowing jellyfish
And the sun so far away
Still tall
But blurred
And while the ship goes deeper
And if lacking oxygen, the body faints
The creamy blue comes back to them
And warm they are once again
The ship in more quiet waters
By the surface
Oxygen returns
And my body wakes up with its index finger touch.
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Dystopia Cash Planet

”Where do you live?” they ask sometimes.
“I live in Dystopia Cash Planet” I answer back.
They call it The Blue Planet, but it is not.
It’s green as money buying everything.
It’s green as our brain looking for excuses.
It’s pale grey as rain writing post-it notes in windows
with words that you forget all the time.
We have a lot of religions, cultures, bad habits,
myths, fairy tales, nightmares, national pride,
we-do-like-this, we-do-like-that,
we-believe-this, we-don't-believe-that,
but we are all green inside
and our hearts are a one-dollar bill.
As all dystopias, ours will end up bad,
like in the movies when the sun collapses
and everything dies.
“Where do you live?” they ask sometimes.
“I live in Dystopia Cash Planet” I always answer back.
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I know you

You know...

when had this one girl ...who always left you miserable and alone at night and one night you just get fed up ...

With all the shit she's put you through and let her go and see her... months later happy and in love in the arms of someone else... U feel terrible..and just feel all that regret and pain hitting you...

As you witness her go and now you just cry yourself asleep wishing you could have her back.. but at the same time dont because you dont want to ruin her happiness... u wanted back..

If you can't relate then you should be happy this aint you and if its worse... than ...this than just know there's always a girl or guy out their going through your pain and you're not alone...

No ones perfect and you always learn from your mistakes and try again...

OVER AND OVER.. u try to get back her again..

mybe.. you're trying feel again..

She is in your awareness...
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Dark Wonderland

Young lady, young lady,
don´t be afraid.
Be monsters? Be monsters?
Oh! What a shame!
We´re best friends. Yes! Best friends!
Just take our hand.
We´ll show you a new world
that´s full of greys.

There is the Big Boss,
he wants your heart in pain.
He loves it when it´s racing
like a hurricane.
There comes the Crying Madame,
She loves your tears of shame.
Cry her a river!
Please, delight them
with your fear!

Young lady, young lady,
why you so blue?
Don´t you like the wonderland
we´ve bult for you?
Wait, please, don´t go,
girl, still haven´t a clue
of how greatly amazing things…
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Poets before me, Help!
I cannot find the words to
Write verses today
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The sadness knocks to my door,
she comes with her friends.
I forgot pass the letch.

All is full of their colours.
The leaks grown in the walls
of the main room.

Only remembers bit
and the last part of his story
is broadcasted in TV.

He goes away.
Raining days.
Someone with his wing
clean my tears
while I feel a pain in the deepest.

Maybe the weather change next week
and if I see the heaven,
I will see a new star.

The blue season came
when he went away.
I couldn’t tell him goodbye,
I only showed him my smile.

I not remember what
were my last words.
I only know,
I held his hand.

I took care of him
as he was a Christ.
Maybe he never forgot this kindness
and he pass away dressed
with the tender coat
and the cloak of affection
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He shatters when he
Falls, she shatters when she falls
Brush for him, mop for
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It's not the same

It will never be the same, no,
it will never be the same, no.
This is the very real way, isn't it?
this the very real way, isn't it?.

I'm wasted but I love it too much,
I'm crazy so what you complain about?
You were told that, yeh you were told,
so baby don't scream and let me go.

If you dont understand my madness,
where the hell is your kindness?
If I were normal as you wanted,
maybe I'd say I'm pretty fucked.

I'm still thinking about your hair,
and I got too much things to say,
but baby I got several pain from you,
so baby you got to know, my love flew.

It will never be the same, no,
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To lazyness

The alarm clock sounds loud,
and I don't want to wake up.
Why do I stand with that?
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I don't want to stay and see light fading.
I'm not ready yet to see the dark,
I know there's only a spark.

I don't want to sit waiting for silence.
I don't want to see what we become
when the clouds cover the sun.

I'm not tough enough to live the ending.
I think I will stay behind the wall,
I don't want to see you fall.

Tears born from the silence
can be heard further away.
I pretend I'm not afraid

to never hear your voice again.
I'm taking shelter from the rain.

I know nothing can be made,
you will go but you will stay.
I pretend I'm not afraid

to see your face just through the glass.
I am the future and you are the past.
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Haiku to my mind

While I'm wondering,
time's going by and I'm still thinking
what is inside my mind.
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The great clod

"When the Dao dissolves, it becomes rivers,
when it coagulates it becomes mountains."
Sun Ch'o

Staring at my brushes
the inkstick turns to thick black blood
from burned dead pine trees.

Broken clouds of smoke
like mountain tops
sadden my heart.

Shrinking forests,
shrinking life:
human waste.

Feathers on the wind,
empty mountains:
human sounds echo.

Rain of blood.
We, mercenaries, forget our knowledge of nature,
but endure.

Modern cities:
anonimous walking shadows,
brush strokes of blood.
You are not my friends,
I am not yours.

Mountains and rivers,
the horizon,
the call of the wilderness,
a reminder
to save us from attachments.

Obey your heart,
brighter than the stars of the sky.

"The space goes on.
But the wet black brush
tip down to a point,
lifts away." Gary Snyder
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I keep drinking your words,
tasting the sweet nectar of your tone.
You keep on igniting this roller coaster heart of mine,
dressing my pentagram soul with all of your notes.
I am the recipient of your incandescent music,
burning deep inside my velvet core.

Forever possessed by your fire.
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Sakura of my life

The cherry blossoms

in the garden of your eyes,

in my heart you're sakura;

in my life the spring,

colorful gardens of love,

the fragrance of the petals.

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Senryu (your kiss)

Because your kiss
is just like the strike of the thunder
and the lightning of my heart.

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Farewell, proud world!

Farewell, proud world!
I'm going home,
a terrible festival of dead leaves,
the last shelter of trees that talk quietly among themselves,
as a refugee.

Hunger into madness,
shrinking forests,
thunder harsh and dry,
gleams and glooms.

I travel by your side,
you lead me through a dark hope,
hope beyond hope.
Waiting for someone to show me the way.

Through the waves and the barbed wire,
one of us is sobbing.
You and I will never see again.
Who knows when you'll be dead.

Lines I'm writing for the last time.
Nothing else
have I to give you,
but respect.

Farewell, proud world!
I'm going home,
a terrible festival of dead leaves,
the last shelter of trees that talk quietly among themselves,
as a refugee.
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Senryu (drops from heaven)

From heaven those drops,
tears in the sky of your eyes,
your tender sadness.

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January 2

New lines,
blooming parade of words.
Returning hours
to poetry heaven.
Exquisite sound
of vowels and breath.
Stolen fantasy
flickering from your heart.
I belong there,
in the endless peace
of the written.
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Passion lays next to me.
I look at you,
in desperate need
of your arms.
Weakening breath
swirls around
shaping desire.

You are my sin tonight.
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Rotten words

Poema que se me ocurrió en inglés, lo pongo traducido y debajo el original.

Palabras podridas

Todas estas palabras
colgando como cuervos
peleándose con las notas
escondiendo metáforas.

Todo este podrido frío
sentándose en el trono
mirando a mis fantasmas
pintados en la pared.

Cubierta por un ataúd
rodeada de rosas
espinas clavando mis ojos abiertos
sintiéndonos como cadáveres.

Andando por las calles,
pensando en nuestros sueños
yaciendo en las hojas
rasgadas en el arroyo.


Rotten words

All these words
hanging up like crows
messing with the chords
hidding metaphors.

All this rotten cold
sitting on the throne
looking at my ghosts
painted on the wall

Covered by a coffin
sorrounded by roses
thorns nail my eyes open
feeling like we are corpses.

Walking through the streets
thinking of our dreams
lying on sheets
teared off in the stream.
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