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Goodnight, not bye

It’s been the best day here today.
Nothing more to write,
no more wonders wondered,
no more words to say.

No more plays to play,
no more caves to cave,
no more days to hear
those sweet voices of theirs.

Winning courage,
winning worthiness.
Winning fire in my inside,
and losing fears on my mind.

And, no. No way;
this voice hasn’t given up yet.
I’ll go back on again, like everyone else,
and start one more time,
but not from the beginning.

Neither from the end.

Though every move is the last one.
At least they say so here on the stage.
So let’s go on and on until we all dry, and let’s stay then.

Yeah, that’s the way it is.
We better appreciate it,
because now they can tell us whatever we need,
but later we’ll all be gone and dissappear.
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Six years ago

Six years ago.
Heart open waiting,
dreams of you floating.

Black screens, no beeps.
Seconds? minutes? hours?

Just an empty vessel,
heart open frozen.
Nightmares of you drifting away.

Six years ago.

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Blast of love

"A voice that says, I'll be here
  and you'll be alright" ~ La la Land

And that is the voice of love...

that is my voice, my love
that is my heart and my soul
here and there, for you

do you hear the beat?
do you hear the blast?

it's my tender heart
beating out loud
for you...

  just for you!

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Poema 34 [Sun's Duplicates]

The sun has many
clones; he likes going for a
drive: says - bye - bye - bye
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Lucky number

Well I almost forgot

about you, my dear love.

I hope you’re great up there;

I hope you’re doing so well.

And I’m still
behind you,
to heart,
buried deep,
praying for you
to all those stars.
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This wet summer air
heavy with own desiring,
makes us remain cool.
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Poema 33 [Shapeless]

Couldn't tell anyone
I cannot tell anyone
Cos this is shapeless
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A kind of magic

Well, here’s another ‘Nothing-at-all Day’.
So, let’s see what was up here and there.
Has anything changed in your world?
Has anyone changed their way?

We could take a walk on the wild side.
Or we could walk together, walking on the moon.
And we could work hard to create a chance
For the unlucky ones to live a better life.

No, today was a very special day,
Spent with three pieces of my heart.
Spent with the ones that are simply the best.
The ones that will not be forever there.

Let’s let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday;
Because we’re only coming home when we live…
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The dream I dream alive

cause you are the dream within my dreams
cause you are the dream I dream alive
cause you are the dream I dream, my daylight

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This was me,
after all.
Just a draft.
An attempt on arts,
forgotten by the nightstand.
A delusional moment
of greatness,
Being sketched.

image by Dan Cretu
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My heart breaks a little

"cause my heart breaks a little
when I hear your name" ~ Bruno Mars

cause you are who you are to me
cause nothing and nobody
may change that

cause you are like the blood in my veins
cause you are who you are to me

cause you are the smile of the sunrise
cause you are the stars in my dark night

cause you are not with me anymore
that's why...
"my heart breaks a little
when I hear your name"

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Senryu (my dagger)

You shattered my heart
into a million pieces;
my love, my dagger.


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Let me see the Light

Let me see the Light
Or - is it that aɪ need to open other boxes?
Is this seeds?
Is there anything to understand before aɪ can go further?
Hopefully aɪ feel less abandoned

Feeling abandoned
Is just a symptom
aɪ just start to see a bit of Light -
More boxes
Filled with training, that is, seeds -

What will these seeds
Give me?
Less abandoned
aɪ'll feel? - Is trying to understand
useful? -

Will aɪ suffer more before aɪ understand?
Are these seeds useful?
Will Light
Bloom? And aɪ'll feel less abandoned?

A new thing is here - feeling less abandoned?
Look! - What we were looking for: Light -
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a mess

The time is blue
and I think in you.

My arms miss your hugs
and I want kiss you

Is and S.O.S my love
and the noise of the ambulance sound...

But nobady can save me,
Nobady is you.
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Flesh canvas

Take me there,
In the middle of the night.
Under open skies
And melted clouds
I will follow your voice
Bursting into my name,
Igniting the flame of us.

Twitter challenge #poetry #translation #challenge

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The guy across the street

Talking to you i fear
Just the thought of you being near
I wonder if you’ll ever notice me
From the bus stop across the street
Give me a chance
To be that lucky man
You will see

From the laughs to the kisses
From hugs to the misses

Let me hold you in my arms
Through moments of harm

Let me be part of your life
Till the moment we die

To you by me
From the guy across the street.
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The brown eyed girl from 8 miles away

Tonight we meet again,
for the first time after 2 long years,
dinner you said,
and i offered to pay
i took you to your place
And we cuddle until 4 am
Then i left
Your perfume was still on my shirt
I felt asleep while you where in my head
And then i said to myself
She doesn’t feel the same way
See you again in 2 years
The brown eyed girl from 8 miles away.
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Haiku to internet

Internet through light.
It is faster than ever
and keeps my room speedbright
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Free The Monster!

Do you remember his words?
What an idiot -
Why are you making a cage for the monster?
This is not trendy -
In Paris, in London and New York - the monster they are loving
There's the poet - She says Octavio Paz is rubbish
Good verses - colleague - it's tenderness
There's the poet - He goes back in time, it's beauty - he says: One, two, three, one, two, three -
Rubbish! That's pollution - emptiness
Free the monster!
This is contamination
Look! Here come the doves:
"This is not trendy -"
He wanted those lines
What an arsehole, really -
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Only I and me (My first poem in English)

This is the boy
that my heart broke
but he isn't known it.
I leave our relationship.

My heart cry
while he travels,
he can fly
across the life.

I lost the hope
to recover the past
it isn't better
but I felt well.

This is my trip
I musn't be a role
I could be the girl
that I want , that I wish.
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