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Right to complain

No amazing poem today;
Only some quotes for you to save.

Inspiration comes and goes
As fast as you change your clothes.

Whatever you do while it’s gone,
Don’t stop working on it once, twice and many more.

No matter if you think you got dried,
No matter how many tears fell from your eyes.
What cares for real is just trying, so try.

Try hard, and play.
Because life is just a game.
And, you know what they say:
‘No one lives again after death’.

Dammit it’s fucking true.
So when you’re down, don’t even think.
Just enjoy, leave your mind free.
And go free to feel whatever goes to you.

Today was just another day.
I went chickenshit and couldn’t be heard.
I was not brave and couldn’t play the text.

And this is the time when I say:
‘These are the days
When you wish your bed was already made.
It’s just another Manic Monday’.

But the next one will be great.
I’ll be working on it so it gets larger than life,
Alive and not dead.

etiquetas: rights, right to complain, free verse, poetry
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#1   @ RealmenteesCharlotte
What a poem moré positiv,e han certain
of his lyrics
Let"s live while we can .,.
Or rather while we are alive!!!
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#4   #1 Thank you!!
votos: 1    karma: 32
#2   Uh... qué niña más completita... Tu inspiración viene y va, dejándonos momentos y poemas tan originales como este.
:hug: te superas, @RealmenteEsCharlotte. Eres una caja de sorpresas.
votos: 1    karma: 26
#3   #2 ¡Oh, gracias, Soraya, por abrirla! @_Sejmet_
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#5   #3 :-P :-P :-P
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