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Being on the highway,
I waited for a while
My dad,
His hair was white
Wrinkles covered his eyes
My dad was old
I did not cry because I was closed to his mill.
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"A Song of The Cold Solitude"

I composed a song of the cold solitude
from the caves of Yellowstone,
longing to join the light
of an united kingdom.
I am still here, among the other
wild lilies but isolated and thirsty,
hearing voices and for all I know,
this happens every night
in the narrow bed;
drifting from nature, the moon, the stars
in tiny fragments,
could I ever leave this blue circle?
could this chorus of sighs be silenced?
it has to be!
even a child is capable to forget
and yet here I am
unable to become fire.
time is ticking and mirrors are tricking,
now in the dark
I feel only bitter and tormented,…
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Bad lyrics

O old flame!
Have you noticed the flight of the lost fairies around your face?
Don't think it's because of me!
that I am the cause of magic,
although my verses are music
and become beautiful flowers,
Do not think that I come to return with you to lose my panties,
now you are laughing
now you are crying
I hope you better play
with the snow
and forget the touch of our bodies;
I wish we started from scratch,
go west, away from this "romance"
These are just bad lyrics...
of a broken heart!
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Little being of light

Soft flower of calm
Into my heart you pumped perfume
And filled my soul with sweet color.
Now, I crave your marvelous realm—
So distinct and true with us,
Yet so strange to our feeble minds.

In me, you will ever remain
As the beautiest of all.
For now my world breaths with you,
For now my blood runs with no fear,
With no shame and no deceive.
Purest of all,
That is how I shall remember you.
Living on sacred soil,
Being one with all.
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La Vida 10 (Periodo Azul Maldito)

Lets get laid
and touch lightly
my fountain of love
resting eyes on me
lips that lick all this new sweat
that is wetting my body,
girl, to bleed is up to you
please do not pretend
innocuous kisses
tribute to trifle
strange will
to suck my neck
is burn until dead
things turn into
surrealism way
to fuck, underpaid blowjob
keep your arms wide open
then, hold me with your legs
no place, no time, no people
were enough for us.
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The energy inside me
wants to break free,
like the rays of the sunrise
breaking the dark dawn.

My bones are aching,
my blood flows all over me
like a hot lava
ready to explode.

I run thru the dessert
feeling my skin burst in flame
my mind radiates like a nova
and my soul breaks free.

I breathe, and I let go
all the thing that hurt me in the past
now they become ashes
and I become lighter.

The energy inside me radiates
the impurities of my thoughts are gone
I’m never going to be a saint
but I’ll be a free soul.
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Two Cups

It’s funny to me how people always struggle to talk about
love; How people are afraid of
love; Why does no one loves anymore?

Dad met mom, drunk at a bar,
My dad used to say he wasn’t drunk,
It was bubbles,
Bubbly wine,
Whisky & soda,
Bubbly head.

They dance the same steps,
share the same bed, oh
how much did my dad love…
He wanted to marry mom,
he didn’t had much,
Only a couch and a bed,
all he was missing was her.

How romantic, isn’t it? We all love,
But why in secret? I don’t want to
keep this love for myself.

My mom sais all she needed was him,
she joked about…
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There´s nothing more

I´m tired of climbing up the stages
looking at the faces.
Always looking for you
when no one looks for me.

Walking past the flashes
where I can´t feel you anymore
and I´m just left to be alone
tired of trying all the ashes.

There´s nothing left for us
but papers burning in the dust.
Our memories living in the past.
There´s nothing more.
No hay nada más

Estoy cansada de escalar los escenarios
mirando a las caras.
Siempre buscándote
cuando nadie me busca.

Caminando entre los destellos
donde ya no puedo sentirte
y se me ha dejado para estar sola.
Cansada de probar todas las cenizas.

No queda nada para nosotros
excepto papeles ardiendo en el polvo.
Nuestros recuerdos viviendo en el pasado.
No hay nada más.
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Tell the night

Tell the night /
I am ready to be swallowed.

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"All I ever wanted" Written by @EnidIsáis

All I ever wanted

I don’t remember
having been greedy;
it was only essential for myself
to escape from my mental prison
to fly next to the seagulls
without looking back.

I realized that certificates
framed in gold didn’t make me
a better person
nevertheless a wise woman;
it is not an absolute purpuse of life,
but love is.

Perhaps all what I’ve endured
such as rejection, loneliness and illnesses
are just a form to purify my soul,
it’s about to rise again in the rubble.

Who better to understand the fallen?
Who better to kiss with open arms the forgotten?

Whatever path I walk,
may love always find its way with mine…
It’s all I ever wanted.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Mayo 2019.

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Dedicated to Scott Weiland

Arrest this lament
this false flag of endeavor
star eyes at elsewhere
parachute of the midnight aplomb
splendor soils christened by an exorama
defouled by a parasite cancel
who are you in the liturgy of night?
nameless index of heathen imperial purple
no margin, no reprieve
augur of ceremonial reimagining
of unnoticed thoughts searing in erasure
murmur of the accidental day
a chasticised saucerful of secrets
eviscerator heaven on call
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Today I decided to stop thinking about you
Cause you make me no good
Today I say goodbye to you

It's time to move on
I don't plan on calling you
So goodbye my love
It was nice having you.
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Some days

Some days I think about you
And the long days we went through
I think about your eyes
And the way they made me smile

But some things are meant to remember
instead of living 'em
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Falling in love (for @Letizia)

“Best that you can do” (is fall in love)

Arthur's theme – Christopher Cross

Instead of watching through windows
we could be trying to mend our lives;
instead of crying over our bed's pillow
we could be thankful of being alive.

Instead of wasting so much time
we could be happy of this tale,
instead of telling ourself lies
we could start to make it plain.

Among all the things I've done
the most beautiful of all
is to give you all my love,
and to write to you everyday.

A song of peace and fire,
one that's not of melting ice,
the greatest treasure acquired
is to share above us,…
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I Want To Talk

This is not another sad note,
it is not the same bitter voice.
Today, I want to talk about my new
marriage with Miss Love and the
vows i' ve written to Miss Joy.
I want to talk about me flirting
with Miss Peace, about my sweet,
very sweet dating with Miss Grace.
I want to talk about me cheating on
Miss Doubt cos i realized i was
happier with Miss Trust.
I want to talk about my divorce from
Miss Guilty cos i decided to fly with
Miss Liberty, the world with her was all
except empty.
I want to talk about Miss Patience and thank
Miss Courage. They showed me how to thrive, introduced me to Miss Hope, the one who gave me calm and showed me kiss my scars.
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Million times

Million times.
Hundreds and Hundreds of moments.
Living Seconds United.
Million times of kissing memories.

Million times
by Elisa Mostazo Comas
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Too many clouds

on the roof.

This big building’s screaming

and laughing so loud.

Come on, come in;

you’re all welcome here.

But be quiet and invisible,

or you’ll have to get out.

Shut up, work for me.

I am the authority now.

You chose this life,

so don’t you complain.

Or… walk away.


Go back to your place!

Go back

to where you’re unwelcome,

where you can’t work

or pay the rent.


Go back

to where you were born;

go back

to where you came from.

Come on, go.

Go, and stay there

for ever.

Get back,

and stay ‘till death.

Cause there will be

no choice this time.

You’ll die in them,

or you’ll live in me.

Welcome, refugee.
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The emptiness you leave is so great;
your goodbye has no valid reasons that can heal me.

my heart, with great ravages of pain;
the strength of my being with your goodbye went away.

you fought and did not surrender;
warrior and lifelong partner, in your children is reflected the love you gave them one day.

in the paradise of the heavens some day we will see each other, but for now let me cry all the time.

A see you soon is easy to say;
but a goodbye is hard to accept.

just for today, I say goodbye to you with a great emptiness inside me.

In memory of ....
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Bing Bang

Light and darkness are flying
in the space where the silence call
interlaced one of the others goes
and at the end from many years
resulted to be the infinite BING BANG
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Me? a real lion
i don´t kill flies
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