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Falling in love (for @Letizia)

“Best that you can do” (is fall in love)

Arthur's theme – Christopher Cross

Instead of watching through windows
we could be trying to mend our lives;
instead of crying over our bed's pillow
we could be thankful of being alive.

Instead of wasting so much time
we could be happy of this tale,
instead of telling ourself lies
we could start to make it plain.

Among all the things I've done
the most beautiful of all
is to give you all my love,
and to write to you everyday.

A song of peace and fire,
one that's not of melting ice,
the greatest treasure acquired
is to share above us,…
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I Want To Talk

This is not another sad note,
it is not the same bitter voice.
Today, I want to talk about my new
marriage with Miss Love and the
vows i' ve written to Miss Joy.
I want to talk about me flirting
with Miss Peace, about my sweet,
very sweet dating with Miss Grace.
I want to talk about me cheating on
Miss Doubt cos i realized i was
happier with Miss Trust.
I want to talk about my divorce from
Miss Guilty cos i decided to fly with
Miss Liberty, the world with her was all
except empty.
I want to talk about Miss Patience and thank
Miss Courage. They showed me how to thrive, introduced me to Miss Hope, the one who gave me calm and showed me kiss my scars.
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Million times

Million times.
Hundreds and Hundreds of moments.
Living Seconds United.
Million times of kissing memories.

Million times
by Elisa Mostazo Comas
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Too many clouds

on the roof.

This big building’s screaming

and laughing so loud.

Come on, come in;

you’re all welcome here.

But be quiet and invisible,

or you’ll have to get out.

Shut up, work for me.

I am the authority now.

You chose this life,

so don’t you complain.

Or… walk away.


Go back to your place!

Go back

to where you’re unwelcome,

where you can’t work

or pay the rent.


Go back

to where you were born;

go back

to where you came from.

Come on, go.

Go, and stay there

for ever.

Get back,

and stay ‘till death.

Cause there will be

no choice this time.

You’ll die in them,

or you’ll live in me.

Welcome, refugee.
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The emptiness you leave is so great;
your goodbye has no valid reasons that can heal me.

my heart, with great ravages of pain;
the strength of my being with your goodbye went away.

you fought and did not surrender;
warrior and lifelong partner, in your children is reflected the love you gave them one day.

in the paradise of the heavens some day we will see each other, but for now let me cry all the time.

A see you soon is easy to say;
but a goodbye is hard to accept.

just for today, I say goodbye to you with a great emptiness inside me.

In memory of ....
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Bing Bang

Light and darkness are flying
in the space where the silence call
interlaced one of the others goes
and at the end from many years
resulted to be the infinite BING BANG
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Me? a real lion
i don´t kill flies
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The dead poets

Our souls are here and are not, like a ghost
in the world. As long as there is a sun
that shines on everyone equally, we will be back.
There will we be, in the song of the owl and the dark
way, for all those who remember that, in the moon
and the stars, their soul was lost.
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Tomorrow was a good day

Always aware for what is coming next
but too late for what has passed away
and not thinking straight
is not about tomorrow but today
i may not be here the next day
so lets take a moment to ourselves
and realise all we need is already there
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The Tribe

Last night the world was quiet
It was peace and magic
Everyone was acting in the oddest manner
I felt like I was part of the tribe
Floating neutralized

The past seemed like a vission
Seed of psychedelic
Institutions on fire, temples falling apart
Vulgar was the ruling of the mass
No more privacy

Microwaves in the air that gave us the cancer
Everyone contributing like adolescents
To our demise, we’re living for the tribe

Drinking the rainwater and eating the bull shit
Everyone started dancing like adolescents
To the soundtrack, the soundtrack of the tribe

Last night the world got quiet…
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Strangers (Versión en Español incluida)


We were only promises made from the wind
friends who did not survive
in the storm
Where are we now?
Traveling through places to explore
while the others have become extinct
or they have hidden
without asking how they are.
Now everyone is on their own,
fulfilling their purpose,
And if we cross again ...
We would know that time made us strangers.


Éramos solo promesas hechas del viento
amigos que no sobrevivieron
en la tempestad
¿En dónde estamos ahora?

Viajando por lugares que explorar
mientras que los otros se han extinguido
o se han escondido
sin preguntar cómo están.

Ahora cada quien marcha por su propia cuenta,
cumpliendo su propósito,
Y si acaso nos cruzáramos de nuevo...
Sabríamos que el tiempo nos convirtió en extraños.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Marzo 18, 2019.
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Never thought I will have an addiction
until I tasted your lips and touched your skin,
kissing you intoxicate me slowly
and your skin gave me the final rush.

Your voice... soft and delicate
penetrates my body like sharp needles
injecting words and sounds
that flows through my veins.

Your skin soft like a powder
that I inhale with every touch
gets my senses high
and my heart pumping fast.

Your eyes hypnotize me,
and I lose control,
they see through me
and make me freeze.

I need a high dose of your kisses,
I need to inhale your soft skin,
to inject your words into my veins
to feel the rush of you love.
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I want you gone

Today I woke up wondering when we gave up
Today I realized how much I missed this when you were gone
Today I wanted to give you another chance
Today.. I just want you gone..

Memories came to my mind
wondering if they really were real or illusions
hoping that all good were a reason to forgive
but Today… I just want you gone

Today I just want you to know
Even though I am sure words won’t work
Today I just want you to feel
What a waste of our time this was
Today I just want you to leave
Today I just want you gone..

Nights with you are over but memories keep coming
I want it all and..…
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Mis pasos en esta calle Resuenan En otra calle Donde Oigo mis pasos Pasar en esta calle Donde Sólo es real la niebla.
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As a plane stopped,
an airport
under and not over the sky
frustrated and exhausted.
At a beach, at a dessert unknow
coming old things back
waiting for return to fly
every second and between
where there is not a destiny.

Incertitude, loneliness
feelings and sensations
arrivals and departures
trapped luggage, turbines off
desperate passengers,
too much time to lose
apologies and more apologies
but are not enough.

Families, friends and loved ones
plane tickets and passports,
Nothing to share
nothing to think about.
What I totally see
what I am waiting for
all about myself
a long and distant airport.
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For Him

His love like a halo
Surrounding the moon at her every time
Hugs filled with love
A love that can’t be explained

Cause when it comes to meeting a soul
I used to think it was all about time
But shortly after i realized time is relative
And met the right person,
At the right time
I noticed that a month can feel like an eternity
And an eternity can feel and go as fast as a second

This love is timeless,
Time spent with him is magical
And I hope we never run out of time
Cause he's got probably the biggest soul I've ever seen

He's everything;
Lips I want to kiss every day
Arms in which…
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Bring color to my moments

And then you come back
to brighten my days
to bring color to my moments.

Yes, I come back
with my palette full of colors
to paint your days and mine
with sweet tones
and I bring new kisses
to decorate your lips
and new steps
to walk the paths of your skin.


Y es entonces que vuelves
para hacer brillar mis días
para colorear mis momentos.

Sí, vuelvo
con mi paleta llena de colores
para pintar tus días y los míos
con dulces tonos
y traer nuevos besos
para decorar tus labios
y nuevos pasos
para recorrer los senderos de tu piel.


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Walpole time. When I tasted the wildnes

I'm trying to find you among all of them
but no one can compare to you
Every single way, every single day
I still smell of you.

At night I need to go to the park
the light is so blinding, the noise is so rowdy
there is the only place where I can escape from the city
and relive a minium part of that life

You teach me all these savage things
Im not myself anymore
this is a war between who I really was
and who I never will be

So tell me how do I have to survive?
When I don't know how to react
You show me the wild side of the life
and now im lonely in this path

I can't listent to music…
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that feeling that covers your soul,
like the ink that stains the white paper
covering until the last corner.

flows in your veins across your body,
full of tiny sharp blades
that slices your pores.

like a sweet venom
dry like a wine
that kills you slowly.

Suffocating like a dense fog
you can barely breath it
but she holds you tight.

You get lost on the way
without compass or light
she consumes you alive.
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