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Sala de espera

Ahora a esperar,
y los pasos, tic, toc ,tac
La gente camina
pasa sin más.
En la sala de espera
el tiempo contar.
Pasa volando , te hace soñar
Descansa la mente,
deja las voces sonar
menos la del médico
cuando sale a llamar.
Sigo convaleciente.
Se oyen los pasos pasar
tic, toc, tac.
La mañana pasa
y pasa sin más.
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For the rest of my life (for @Letizia) (experimental en inglés)

I had no family, just one friend
but I'm alive since we met
I felt alone and by myself
I thought that I was dead;

However, to Mexico City I fled
To touch your body
to see your face,
to melt into your eyes,
to find out if we're alike.

No hurry, no waste
of time nor money
to hold your waist
darling, honey,
my lady, my Juliet...

There's no love like yours
in the whole Earth
there was nobody yet
who could take away my breath

Like your words and voice
like your tenderness and love
like your wonderful smile.
So we won't say good bye

We'll met each other next week
'cause I promised you that
'cause I'll love you, Letei,
for the rest of my life...
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Today i will change
with cero regrets
i will say goodbye to myself

Its time to break the cage
through fear and pain

I need some air
i cant breath
watery eyes and sweat

But i will say goodbye to myself
its time to move on
its time to look foward

I will take all the risk
and i will suffer them
with no sorrow

Today is the day
i break those chains
today is the day
i wont feel no pain

Thats because today
i say hello to my new self
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On my way

On my way,

trying ours.

Tiring living

day to day.

Need to liven up

all in my inside.

Well, almost all,

cause I’m already

starting to get ready

to be

doing well.

On my way,

trying ours.

Climbing with

magical wings

made of dreams

and a strong will.

Tiring living

day to day.

My will

will be willing

to create, and keep

living, not surviving,

which also,

without even thinking

about writing a will.

On my way,

trying ours.

Tiring living

day to day.
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Written dream

In which dream

I dreamed

I dreamed of you?

In the one I dreamed

last night.

The dream was about me

writing that I miss you.

I dreamed a dream

where I wrote a poem

like this one.

Well, in the dream it had

shorter lines,

and I dreamed I wrote

so much better.

But, what can I say?

I break the rules and write

just with my heart.

But right into the dream,

there were games;

so many games made

of a few words.

Words that didn’t convince me,

but words that had

a double meaning for love.

Right now I’m missing

so many people,

but the ones who come

to my mind are just four.…
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The Sahara desert

Across the dunes of the Sahara desert
a rain storm welcomes us.
Wind and water meet in sand
to sweep all sorrows and tears.
The rising moon hides away.
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Naked spirit that goes through doors

Things are complicated
And thoughts are not exceptions
In english the being is more sensitive,
It is not scared,
Neither terrified.
In english the being is ull confidence,
He is comfortable
He start think about a new and different way
To see the life and to perceive what it wants.

Today it is August 23rd
Remembering this day in 2014
Too many things have changed
The being, loves and lovers, the human sense,
religion, skin, hair color, perspectives.
This day in 2012
I remember my being in the hospital
Mom was outside waiting for me
A dermatologist and nurses,
Whom I love very much,
With cotton…
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From my motorbike

rain in the city
crack in the dark grey asphalt
greeny spring blossoms
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Who could tell this was going to happen?
I wish someone told me before I met you.
Suddenly, your light blinded me,
and I didn’t want to see anything out of it.

You were like the most beautiful sun explosion,
it was just warm and heat everywhere,
but, as you know,
every explosion comes with its damages.

In yours, my hearth was the most damaged thing.
You just left me,
In the dark and cold spot I met you,
knowing that,
I wont be able to find someone with the same brightness as you had.
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Goodnight, not bye

It’s been the best day here today.
Nothing more to write,
no more wonders wondered,
no more words to say.

No more plays to play,
no more caves to cave,
no more days to hear
those sweet voices of theirs.

Winning courage,
winning worthiness.
Winning fire in my inside,
and losing fears on my mind.

And, no. No way;
this voice hasn’t given up yet.
I’ll go back on again, like everyone else,
and start one more time,
but not from the beginning.

Neither from the end.

Though every move is the last one.
At least they say so here on the stage.
So let’s go on and on until we all dry, and let’s stay then.

Yeah, that’s the way it is.
We better appreciate it,
because now they can tell us whatever we need,
but later we’ll all be gone and dissappear.
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Six years ago

Six years ago.
Heart open waiting,
dreams of you floating.

Black screens, no beeps.
Seconds? minutes? hours?

Just an empty vessel,
heart open frozen.
Nightmares of you drifting away.

Six years ago.

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Blast of love

"A voice that says, I'll be here
  and you'll be alright" ~ La la Land

And that is the voice of love...

that is my voice, my love
that is my heart and my soul
here and there, for you

do you hear the beat?
do you hear the blast?

it's my tender heart
beating out loud
for you...

  just for you!

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Poema 34 [Sun's Duplicates]

The sun has many
clones; he likes going for a
drive: says - bye - bye - bye
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Lucky number

Well I almost forgot

about you, my dear love.

I hope you’re great up there;

I hope you’re doing so well.

And I’m still
behind you,
to heart,
buried deep,
praying for you
to all those stars.
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This wet summer air
heavy with own desiring,
makes us remain cool.
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Poema 33 [Shapeless]

Couldn't tell anyone
I cannot tell anyone
Cos this is shapeless
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A kind of magic

Well, here’s another ‘Nothing-at-all Day’.
So, let’s see what was up here and there.
Has anything changed in your world?
Has anyone changed their way?

We could take a walk on the wild side.
Or we could walk together, walking on the moon.
And we could work hard to create a chance
For the unlucky ones to live a better life.

No, today was a very special day,
Spent with three pieces of my heart.
Spent with the ones that are simply the best.
The ones that will not be forever there.

Let’s let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday;
Because we’re only coming home when we live…
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The dream I dream alive

cause you are the dream within my dreams
cause you are the dream I dream alive
cause you are the dream I dream, my daylight

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This was me,
after all.
Just a draft.
An attempt on arts,
forgotten by the nightstand.
A delusional moment
of greatness,
Being sketched.

image by Dan Cretu
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My heart breaks a little

"cause my heart breaks a little
when I hear your name" ~ Bruno Mars

cause you are who you are to me
cause nothing and nobody
may change that

cause you are like the blood in my veins
cause you are who you are to me

cause you are the smile of the sunrise
cause you are the stars in my dark night

cause you are not with me anymore
that's why...
"my heart breaks a little
when I hear your name"

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