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"O my beloved!" (Spanish and English versions) By: Enid Rodríguez Isáis

"¡Oh mi amado!" (Versión en Español)

¡Oh mi amado!
cuando entierras tu virilidad,
entre mis valles de rosas blancas,
Siento un fuego ardiendo en mis profundidades,
una alegría que trae lágrimas de gratitud,
incluso las golondrinas vuelan,
rodeando nuestra unión,
y eres tan majestuoso,
¡Oh mi amado!

Adoro tu pálida espalda,
más suave que el terciopelo,
adoro tus lujuriosos ojos marrones,
que desafía mi juicio, porque sabes,
¡me entrego sin reservas a tu merced!
cuando esa peligrosa serpiente tuya explora,
debajo de mi inocencia, ya no me importa ser,
una dama,…

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Street lamps

Two street lamps illuminated the alley,
That night of awake dreams.
One was bright and clean,
The other weak and dim.

‘How unfair is that I shine more’,
Thought the bright lamp.
And in her try to give him her shine,
She lost her own bright.

The weak one now was shine,
And his darkness disappeared.
He did not care about her,
He stole her enlightenment.

She was dark and dirty now,
Deep in her iron shield.
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One more Year

It was December, another year is gone.
Month of Christmas goodbye tells us.
Here, stranded, I'm twelve months older.
My family yearning,
My friends wanting,
My country! There is not others equal.
It was December, January, walking
To miles of those I love,
I will continue here, a little while longer, Overcoming the problems and this loneliness, Strengthening my soul with immensity,
To return to those I love
With new life and a lot of prosperity.

by balmasedayailin 01/2019
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A rose a winter day in the garden bloomed.

When everything looked gray and snowy

When the world no longer believed in roses

When the hopes were vain;

The rose was there,

Radiant, strong, beautiful ...

Your gardener amazed, smiling

He promised to take care of her and give her more of him.

But the things in life are so hard.

The rose withers;

Your gardener whispers, -Don't go-

I will protect you like Frodo to his ring,

I'll be your guide like Merlin to Arthur,

I will teach you how Daenerys to his dragons,

I will love you like Ron to Hermione,

Stay by my side and I'll be you Jane Ayre

If you go,

I will be Juliet again.

By balmasedayailin
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The alarm clock sounds;
Today!; It's Monday?!
Like a trampoline my body gets up.
My legs begin to tremble,
My hands to sweat.
I feel an internal scare, nice, unchaste ..
Sensual tickling, in my body.
It's Monday?!, Workday !, and he'll be there.
My body shudders, I'm a thermal well.
His look I collapsed at his feet,
How waves on the coast
he provokes, so many sensations in me,
I'm afraid, I want to see him, talk to him, hug him ...
I very much desire that man, so handsome
Melt us in one body until Neptune.
Terrified I am, of this desire of him
I'll be in love, I still do not know,
but I'll leave at your meeting.

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
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What I feel is not normal
Morbidity when I look at your photograph
Lust imagining your lips, pinking my neck Butterflies in my stomach when pronouncing your name
Oppression in my chest when I read you
Anxiety not knowing about you
Terror of making me wrong again
Curiosity of all you.
These mixed feelings that scare,
I do not know what to do!
Let life flow down?
Pull them out of me?
Tell me you are a poet
because I think I'm going to die.

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
For you
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You came to me

You came to me as a shooting star
As a gentle and sweet spring breeze
Like little snowflakes
that embellish the trees in Winter
Like the refreshing fall rain in Autumn
Like the cautious rays of the sun in Summer
you came to me, like a gust of wind
but sensitive, light, handsome and confident
You arrived as the important things arrive
Like love to February
Like blue to heaven
Like silence to peace
So you came, to stay in me.

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
Yo Joel
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So we remind you here

The covered field of the night spray,
The sky stays dark.
The roosters begin to sing
And the sun king is still sleeping,
The moon is about to go to rest
The sky for showing its beautiful blue.
At the ranch they feel whispers
The animals know you are coming.
the cold of dawn is still felt,
Grandma makes you a coffee;
Dawn not yet but your day began.
The hat, the boots ... they wait for you calmly, Children and grandchildren huddled in their dreams.
Dogs bark waiting for their owner
In the room the animals crave you.
The field waits for your firm steps,
The moon wants to wish you a nice day.
The crickets are still sung for you, Granphather
It still does not dawn and we remind you here.
Firm as the stake and strong as the log.

by balmasedayailin 12/2018
To my Granphather
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Cora & Wesson

One more winter and I go back in the past
I remember them tender, naive and so sweet .. They taught me that perfect language of you
In my reborn that eternal Child that we carry inside
We met immensities of things together
One more winter and I remember them so much both my children
One more winter and they grow and we move away every day more
But I miss them, I miss my children.
By balmasedayailin 12/2018
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Two looks crisscross their paths
No matter the place, or the people around
It's a stroke of hope, a way back and forth
It sparkles in the eyes
As magnets that recognize passion
They are two bodies in a flame of fire
With surprised looks, with intrusive opinions The world is stunned
They are two souls,
Two women dancing the dance of passion. Two bodies that fall in love and play making love.
No matter how sensible, what they say, what they are
Two of the same sex in the ecstasy of passion
Two women lusting their bodies in one are Two that are desired with all the strength of your heart
The envious universe of this union
Two Women forever in the circle of love.

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
For you
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Sexy and glamorous

Seeing you walk
Every day, every time, every hour
When we fall in love, when we talk,
When I feel too much anxiety
You make me stay at reality.

Baby turn around
And show me that exercised ass
Let me lay over at sky fall
Breaking slowly my heart,
Sometimes I would like to act
Like you does
With a sexy runway walk.

I do not know how you do
But my mind can not stop
Thinking very seriously about that,
Let the wind begin to blow
With your hair in conspiracy.

Always wear high heels
And kill me very quickly,
Show them you are better
Take your being to heaven
And dodge all the firecrackers,
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I want you to make love to me

Watching television lying on my couch
I feel cautious, your hands on my thighs ...
A soft sweet kiss on my neck ...
You breathing agitated and wet on my skin.

Watching television lying on my couch
strong and tender hands strip me of my clothes ...
Small bites dress my body ...
Your beard bristles all my body hair.

Watching television lying on my couch
my vital signs shoot at you ...
My mind is lost, my body is yours.
Watching television lying on my couch ...
I want you to make love to me ...

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
To Joel
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The shadow of a past with you remains with me

It does to hurt me more.

Now you're not here anymore.

I can't hear you anymore.

I can't see you anymore.

I can't touch you anymore.

I miss you now you're gone.

You will always be in my mind.

Even when I speak to you and you don't reply.

Please, tell me it's a lie...

That I have to say goodbye.

Now that you left me behind.

Do my feelings reach you?

Do you hear my soul screaming your name?

What should I do with this emptiness in my heart that you left?

I can do nothing but try to fill that hole with the yearning to meet you again.

Now my memories of you are all I have left.

This is how I feel.

This is how I felt.

The moment you left.
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Shapes ashore

Keeping the shore
within eye reach.
Keeping the road
on sight while ashore.
Travels within travels
tick and roar the engines.

Curly coloured curves
and polygonal shapes
swirling and riding
the spirals,
the sinusoidal iron routes.
Moving within
the wooden confines
that keep them
standing still,
down to earth.

With the same
route and neighbors,
they stay.
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Two bodies inert in fire

I perceive the sweat of your forehead
smell of rhythmic manhood
to lash out against my gardens which throb
hungry carnivorous roses
my beloved
during the sobbing hour of lovemaking
I demand that the stars so haughty and far away observe us in wonder
the beauty of two bodies melting
flesh and blood
playful snakes
swollen lips
strawberry nipples bitten
pearly pearls glowing in eruption
may all of us come together
my only truthful wish
my brazen desire
of our secret encounter
resting only you and me
laying in thousands of wild flowers.
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Domestic Panic

The house
I wish return to her every day
I count the hours and the minutes
soon and quickly.

When I leave every morning
suffering phobias
mind becomes suggestive,
eyes almost shed tears,
the being wrinkles
and the heart gets very small.

Paranoias and falses premonitions
head does not stop emphasizing
on certain dates
making wild conjectures
terribles events may happen in the day.

It will depart from the geographical plane
but sometimes he thinks
if he will leave the earthly plane.
He no longer prays or meditates
Sometimes it tries to exercise
but the backache tries again.
He talks and writes a lot to himself

But nothing works ...
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I decide

You think you got me

this time.

You didn't.

I'm getting stronger

day to day,

round to round.

It's all part of the process,

all part of the success.

So, next time

you think

I'm yours again,

you better think twice.
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The empty battle

With a thousand horses surrounding each flank,
they are not stopped by the trails that lead to the cliff,
with his gallop cutting the grass in his step
and thunderous galloping in droves.

Mounted by valuable knights,
that at a gallop they still wear hats,
and with spears they break shelf walls.

Which is from his faithful companion the steed,
but not the rope that holds the hat
nor the spur that keeps him standing.

But the gallantry its riders,
those who make thunder the firm ground,
they divert them from the paths that lead to cliffs
and they shake the walls with paper corbels.

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Again no echo game

She put down roots,

but she’s gone with the wind;

she is always on the ground,

but seems to be up in the air.

She’s barely a tree;

a bare, wise and precious wood.

And her branches are twisted,

and her leaves completely green.

Rain is what she drinks;

the sun is what dries her hair.

When she’s not wet anymore

she drinks all of the sun rays.

And she sings.

Oh, she sings everyday.

With all the colors from heaven.

And then the wind echo spares.

So you can hear that angelical tree.

Yes, you know better than I

that your roots can just fly to the clouds

and that your branches make the echo stay.

But it’s time to face the truth.

There’s no chance for me to be with you.

But, anyway, I won’t ever give you up.

I’ll be right here until the end of our time.
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Almond Eyes Throbbing in Diamond (English and Spanish Version included)

(English version)
Have you ever been so surprised
by the mellowness in your eyes?
They were like almonds
throbbing in diamond,
An endearing sweetness
like a silky caress,
Again I saw them--
but they were only shadow,
It was as if your spirit was not present,
Only those two black holes
became more obvious
and devoured their beauty,
Perhaps the bitterness of life
is whipping your whole being
and extinguishes those orbs
bathed in sunlight,
or perhaps I am the blind one--
Annihilated by pessimism.

(Spanish Version)
"Ojos de almendra palpitantes en diamante"
¿Alguna vez…

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