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When love is finished

When love ends,
forgetfulness begins,
caresses are erased
and the songs stop hurting.

When love ends,
indifference begins,
the colors are dull again
and the flowers become plants.

When love ends,
the wind does not caress you
the rain is simple water
and the moon stops been silver.

When love ends
the photographs fade,
the letters become dusty,
and coffee tastes bitter.

When love ends
there are no sad goodbyes,
time does not stop
to remember.

But when you still love her,
and she has stopped loving you,
you feel agonize pain
that kills you slowly.

The songs hurt,
the wind hurts,
her absence hurts
and you just remember her goodbye.
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You and me

I always look behind you
Even if it hurts
I keep tracking your steps
Just in case you feel lonely
You will have my company
You're my mirror and myself
I'm an abstraction of the rest
In your heart I belong
But your life will leave me all alone
You may never care
You may never see
But my cynism and my secrets
Are enough to always remember
You were made for me
My mind's favorite game
It's let my eyes look how tender
Your's behave
If I could give my life to make you feel less tired
I'll be the one to sacrifice her
This dementia holds my throat
I wish we could let it go
Are you thinking about me?
Of course not, I was trying to feel weak
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Another year without you

Missing a few minutes after the birth of the baby Jesus, the street lights suddenly went out, some neighbors shouting others bored, the Christmas spirit is being lost. I lit a candle and near the manger my soul and heart are happy, there is nostalgia for your departure, delivered blown kisses. Not knowing who receives it. I will imagine with my memories, sadness begins, I will reduce my life, until it does not exist. The stories of letters you forgot accompany me.
There is no genius that fulfills a wish or erases everything I feel, although I am alone, I look for your memory in every corner…
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If one day love at my door knocks....

if one day love at my door knocks ...

If one day the love at my door knocked. I think that day I would not be very prepared. I would not know whether to keep my door open or closed. If I would run away or stay still without doing anything. if I tell you, come on friend sit with me here in my room. let's have a little talk. It is not that I have past experiences but I think if by chance I give you input, my life could have many ups and downs. That is why I would like to keep a small distance with you at the moment, go through other houses first. Touch its doors and windows, be free to come…
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You left

You left your dreams, to have a new life, every invitation you receive is always a no how answer, the diaries they wrote down, become soap operas, now their steps leave traces. You don’t tell their secrets to the moon, you changed shyness for bravery.

I thought I had no strength to move forward, fight against lies, you always thought that joy is in the meetings of friends hidden at night, everywhere you will find sins, you will forget your dreams.

His eyes are springs, your words are wisdom, spring rejoices his soul, you have a tattoo on your back that says, no to war, his teachings never expire, there is no reason to forget. You left everything for me, you lost your freedom to take care of me and be with me, I know so much love I don’t deserve it.

You ran out of freedom you couldn’t fulfill your dreams, just to be with me. Thanks Mom.
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At this time of year.....

At this time of year.....

At this time of year . Everything seems to have meaning. at this time of year the streets. Houses, stations, parks, look out of a magical story. You see how a small pine tree turns green to be with balls, ribbons and bows, gilded. You see an old house before it shatters, all renovated, full of lights and a Santa Claus riding, his sleigh in the yard. you pass through that park where little boys used to play and there are only beautiful couples sitting under a leaf of mistletoe, holding hands. Not to mention, is the main street where we all walk. placed in each…
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miente cuando es necesario. y cuando no es necesario di la verdad,
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Like porridge for our breakfasts

A fresh new morning
has come to our existances...
holly glory to our souls,
like a tin, full of porridge for our breakfasts

Let the fresh air
run through our souls
like the sounds of the new milk
emerge and place itself in our selves,
just remember:
you haven't got place for a doubt
where the milk has no porridge...
I would say:
-"Just don't worry
or you'll spill the whole tin..."-
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If you are by my side ......

If you are by my side .....
If you are by my side ,I feel that my world is no longer so desolate. If you are by my side ,my emotions no longer sprout out of control like a tornado. I remember the first time we met was on a sunny day, people passed by us and we stood there, without wanting to hold hands, it was unexpected, you looked at me and blushed, you told me ... I want you to always stay by my side! .I got out of the excitement, since it was something, spontaneous and unplanned. For many we could seem somewhat crazy jj. For me it was the most beautiful proposal in the most anticipated moment. It's been a few years and I tell you here together sitting here, every time you hold my hands, I feel that feeling again, so alive, so cute, so unexpected, as if time never passed. side sad days become sunny.
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Be the woods

If you loose yourself in the woods,
don´t be afraid , be the woods
from the water to the air
from the mushrooms to the snakes
your soul for a long time had a brake
but today you are into the woods
be all and nothing at the same time
there isn´t mistakes here
be the woods.
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Let me drown in the
ocean of your eyes
while the neon lights
of our last song
cracks the waves
and turn them
into paperplanes
that will fade
with the sand of time.
I'm not gifted to
take the key anymore,
I can't gaze at the stars
and unsolve
the mysteries that the cloths
of the universe hold;
my soul set in darkness
and I can't contemplate
the unknown beauty
of the hours hiding
like kids scared of their
own shadow.
We can run into
the deepness of Ireland's fields
and recite the poems
of our endless goodbyes,
we can break the clouds
and save the raindrops of London skies
in a jar where the moon
sings lullabies to the fallen angels.
Let me stop the world
because I lost the sight
of the horizon
and I'm too broken
to crash again.
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Capitán Gómez

I will remember my adventures that I placed in a wooden box, bicycle rides, children playing in the street, greeting everyone, listening to the stories of Captain Gomez, whole nights looking for the star of desires in the sky. Watching through the windows the puddles in the rain.

At half-mast of the flag, shotgun sounds, there is no day when the news speaks of misfortunes, there are people united and without destiny, we are celebrating lost battles, they remind us of the heroes who left, I do not want to wake up to not hate and be observed.

I am a stranger my own country, there is still hatred and slavery, on each wall there are stains of innocent blood, and being puppets of leaders who lie to us to get money. We are always manipulated by a light.
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What are you conveying me?

I can hardly express myself in spanish,
not to say in english.
It is a challenge that is over my head.
Maybe, I would rather keep
silence, and try nothing
you to tell.
But, I catched your curious eyes
watching me, surprised, anxious and wet.
What are you conveying me,
that I have not already said?
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If you want ........

If you want to laugh, do it, if you want to cry do it, if you want to dance do it. If you want to raise the bolumen to the rhythm of your life do it, if you want to go ahead and forget the past do it, if you think you have left no trace where you have passed and you think it is better to be alone than in bad company, if you want to believe that the love for your life has not come, just have this thought very well saved, and if at any given time, you feel very tired, just think that if you want, just if you want, you can be that person you have longed for so much
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Not A Soul

Not a soul, not a sound, not a single person around.
For it falls from little and then strong,
but in unison as they go.
For they are white with a colded heart.
They are quite as a cat, the cold wind hits us hard like the time that runs out fast.
For it is grey and soft at hand their´s no memory left behind.

As it goes and come we hear the howling far beyond,
It gets near, it get close, it spears through the heart at once and for all,
It disappears , and it appears,
In a whisper, in a voice in a sense that no even knows,

But there is a sense,
There is a fear that no one is…
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Cut Here

There's something in my wrist
a dot-line that says "cut here"
as in a red milk brick...
Would be a shame not to drink from it?
Should I spill it? Or should I mispell the sign?

Not to cut the line, "never cut here".
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I hate all that make me love you, and I hate myself for be weak.
I could be quiet inside my room, just keeping my pain, my love, and my pride.
It's you. A soul free, sometimes I think that you are just an angel, and a demon at the same time.
I have to pay yours mistakes, and carry mine.
Just hold my hand and lead me into the darkness with you, I could be blind, deaf, I can shut my mouth
Tie my hands, don't let me go. Seduce me, leave me in your hell, I don't care the flames, I just want die with you.
And after that, live a life without pain, sadness, regrets, only you and I, me and you...
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My demons

I fight them and they keep coming back
I blocked them and they managed to escape,
I try not to think, to numb my thoughts,
however, they managed to survive.

Just breathe just breathe,
think of a happy place,
think of a happy moment
and keep breathing.

My past is never gone,
my present can barely survive,
I drank the holly water
and drown in the sins of it.

I need my space
however, I don’t want to be alone,
I don’t need anyone,
however, I cannot live without them.

My mind is not strong
the demons become mine
my demons need me
as much as I need them.
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They are difficult times Juliette, your absence overflows me I want to die in a sea of clear waters. I feel every particle of my body disintegrate little by little, soon there will be nothing left of me. I only ask you to stay so as not to die in this cold winter. I no longer feel tempted to see the sky, to contemplate the bright moon that we used to enjoy so much, I am like an empty soul that wanders inside a world of living, that feels, that listens but it is as if it were not there. A black cloud matches my appearance, and you are no longer here to make me vibrate like the vivid sun,…
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Metaphysical (1)

Every dreadful night.
After the milky and hipnotizing whisper of the lady dark.
Sssssss leap, ssssss leap.
The dreamer navigates through his sand-
like river of subconscious.
Riding on the mighty ship of thought. Hunting whales of ego and windmills of delusion.
Goes Sinbad The Dreamer following the sun.

Whirlwinds full of honey and sand
Drowned the hopeless vessel;
Buried in an island full of ocean, was our everlasting Captain.
Lonely, broken, with no treasure was the bandit of le mer.

Hiding hands, Australian pigeons
Felt the dreamer warming calm;
Took big pieces of the ocean, making…
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The Path

Somewhere, somehow in my empty house
The light rised through the window
After 5 long years living in the shadows
A beautiful bird flew past
Making the flowers blossom
Although it didnt last
It left a trail behind for me to follow
And letting go of my past
I took her path
To the bright side of this empty house
Where the light shines
And there is no shadows to fall down to
Because she is right there to catch you
Together with all the love and pain
I say to you beautiful bird
Thank you for showing me the right way
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I ask for love

I would like to believe,
in love forever
passionate and unconditional,
but sometimes I see
that I can not forgive
somethings for myself
like sometimes in the sea.

Now down on my knees,
I am worried about
for many things I pray,
I would like to believe
but I do not know
in which God I must trust?
Should I pray?
Should I believe?

All I want is by myself
this is not poetry, this is a poem
and I am not a poet.
I can read and I am able to see
the key is the faith
All I think to need
is my own belief.

In this world full of pose
all you need is hope,
these days is not enough
watch on tv the pope
we need a road
a way, a destiny for live
I would like to believe!
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Maybe one day I'll grab you with my arms
in love
till the end of time

Or maybe with my hands I'll push you back
and hate you
till the end of time

What I know it's that I'm human afterall
and I can taste sorrow and joy
like a bitter fruit that has sugar in it
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Darling mine

Inside me I want your breath,
Every part of my body
Needs it.
When I read my poems
There you are
Inside my eyes.
Look at you, darling mine,
You ignite me like fire,
And I feel in your arms I die.
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But we should

Lazy today,

But with strength and passion.

Wonderful journey, even better night.

Breathing deep in and out.

Letting the air get to you.

Letting the wind carry your soul.

Discover new people,

be kind to all,

and stay just with the passionate ones.

Passion is something

the World of Art needs so bad,

specially in the Acting field.

And that's something we

don't always take so serious.

But we should.
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For New Years

For new year:
I ask Shelter you, my family
United, healthy, forever
Count on the loyalty of my friends
To endure and prosper in my work
Strength to face my fears
Do not stay with the desire
Health to have no excuse for anything Opportunities to experience new things Above all I ask, have you by my side
Sharing: complicity, feelings, emotions, peace, bad moments ...
Simply, have us
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My mailbox does not show your signals,
My hands want to write to you and tell you my stories,
My eyes read your comforting reviews
My mind wants to know about you,
I do not know, but I feel like I miss you a little bit.
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A year ago

"Everyone wants to change the world,
live the perfect life,
be admired for the other ones,
become in a motivating example
and die in the way less painful,
but me,
I can not stand those conventions.
Nowadays the world is another thing,
deeper, more difficult and less superficial".
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Jamaica( colaboración @lidianny)

Jamaica, country of marijuana

From the dreadlocks, from the reguee,

Small island of the Caribbean,

Of exciting landscapes and hot characters.

Jamaica, where did I meet you?

Mulata bella, color wood, sugar and salt at

the same time

Smell to woman, smell of jungle

So I remember Jamaica, island of paradise,

of my rebirth,

I do not forget your tight body, nor the curves

of your voice

On the side of your waist I think a country


You left me moistened memories

And the skin trembling

Jamaica, I would like to return again only

For watching you dance.…
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November of Autumn

In this November of Autumn I have not seen you for a long time,
I do not have your kisses anymore.
In this autumn of November I only see you in my dreams,
You are the one I most desire.

In this November of Autumn you remain in my memories,
you are my shadow and my amulet.
In this fall Autumn with you I speak and ask you for advice,
You are the past that is not erased from my body.

In this November of Autumn I have not seen you for a long time,
almost four years have passed and you are still very much inside.
In this November of Autumn I apologize for the wrong done,
for the injuries…
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Our Menswork

Today in our monthly I dedicate my song to you,
although I am not a poet and much less a writer,
to you, my beautiful little woman, I dedicate my song to you,
I sing to tell you that you are beautiful as a flower,
soft as the breeze and immense as the sun.

Today in our monthly I dedicate my song to you,
to you, my spring, my light and my passion;
Today in our monthly I dedicate my song
because you are the most beautiful of this my heart
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December came and with one more birthday December month of the holiday
December arrived and you will fulfill one more year
December the family month
December arrived and you have more responsibility
You are the mother with the greatest happiness
December month of the cold and Christmas December to celebrate as a family and remember those who are not
December came and your birthday you will celebrate
And from my home I wish you the best of the world and much more.

By balmasedayailin 12/2018
Yo my friends Didi & Maide
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I was immersed in the depths of my soul
Dam and away from all the beauty existing on planet earth
Hidden the all feeling and incredulous the all
As if by magic, you appeared
You a helping hand,
You the light that opened my eyes,
You gave me freedom
You my friend, my friend really.
By balmasedayailin 12/2018
To Lidianny
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I have being hurt again
Another time, another day
For the first time in 6 years
I was true to myself

Is time to close the gate
And throw the key away
For there’s no hopes left
I will die alone in this bed.
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Autumn is here
Your growth brings me to tears
I see the old you leaving
I see the new you becoming
What a wonderful little gift you are
So full of joy, so full of laughter
So precious are your smiles
So precious are your hugs
Tiny little thing
That just appeared in the spring
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Falling in love with a man like you
Happens so quickly, there's nothing to do
It's only natural
But why did it have to be me?

Enamorarse de un chico como tu,
ocurre tan rápido, que no hay nada más que se pueda hacer
es totalmente natural.
¿Pero porqué tenía que ser yo?

-Why did it have to be me?, ABBA
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