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Gandalf "the magician"

He was a famous man among his people, ahead of his time, they all trusted him, he knew everything, nothing was missing, he knew everything, they called him "Gandalf" as the magician of the Lord of the Rings. One fine day, He fell on his legs and hit himself hard on the head; with time he was losing the magic, the wisdom, they could not trust him anymore and everyone was wondering - what happened to him ?, he has lost his magic ?,? the blow made him lose his charm?, it affected his memory, his knowledge! - he needs to be taken to the doctor to be cured and his fascination returned - and so it was; the great man called by all Gandalf was taken to the doctor, but it was not the blow !, it was Alzheimer's disease.
By balmasedayailin 11/28/2018

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