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"All I ever wanted" Written by @EnidIsáis

All I ever wanted

I don’t remember
having been greedy;
it was only essential for myself
to escape from my mental prison
to fly next to the seagulls
without looking back.

I realized that certificates
framed in gold didn’t make me
a better person
nevertheless a wise woman;
it is not an absolute purpuse of life,
but love is.

Perhaps all what I’ve endured
such as rejection, loneliness and illnesses
are just a form to purify my soul,
it’s about to rise again in the rubble.

Who better to understand the fallen?
Who better to kiss with open arms the forgotten?

Whatever path I walk,
may love always find its way with mine…
It’s all I ever wanted.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Mayo 2019.

etiquetas: english, purpose, wish, love, mission, purification and fire
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#1   Who better to understand the fallen?
Who better to kiss with open arms the forgotten?

The answer is in the purification in a soul wish!

Wonderful poem!
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#2   #1 thank you Hector, you are very kind.

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#3   Precioso poema Enid, es brillante :-)
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#6   #3 Muchísimas gracias por tu atención y comentario Agustín, un fuerte abrazo!!

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#12   #6 Un fuerte abrazo Enid
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#4   Hermoso, felicidades.
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#7   #4 Muchas gracias Martín, agradezco mucho de su lectura y amable comentario.

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#5   Bonito poema
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#8   #5 Soy admiradora de tus letras y te sigo en Twitter, me emocionó verte comentar {0x1f64a} {0x1f499} {0x1f499} {0x1f499}
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#10   #8 me emociona saber que tu gustan mis letras y saber que me sigues. Actualmente uso muy poco twitter me voy mas por el instagram... Saludo y abrazos
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#9   #5 Gracias {0x1f60b} {0x2764}
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#11   hermoso poema
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#14   #11 gracias amiga!!! {0x1f339} {0x1f339} {0x1f339}
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#13   Wonderful Enid!
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#15   #13 thank you so much for your attention my dear Angels!!!!!
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#16   Blissful {0x1f49e}
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#17   #16 you are very kind, thank you so much !!!
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