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For Him

His love like a halo
Surrounding the moon at her every time
Hugs filled with love
A love that can’t be explained

Cause when it comes to meeting a soul
I used to think it was all about time
But shortly after i realized time is relative
And met the right person,
At the right time
I noticed that a month can feel like an eternity
And an eternity can feel and go as fast as a second

This love is timeless,
Time spent with him is magical
And I hope we never run out of time
Cause he's got probably the biggest soul I've ever seen

He's everything; he has everything I want
Lips I want to kiss every day
Arms in which I want to be held every hour
Hands, the ones I want to feel pressed against my cheeks
He makes my cheeks smile for no reason
Oh, and that smile
Teeth showing and reflecting that love we both know
A love so pure

You, my love, have taught me
That pure love comes unexpectedly
And unexpected is amazing.

Cause you make my soul sparkle
and every minute with you,
feels like a dream come true.

To my first love, A.

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