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Too many clouds

on the roof.

This big building’s screaming

and laughing so loud.

Come on, come in;

you’re all welcome here.

But be quiet and invisible,

or you’ll have to get out.

Shut up, work for me.

I am the authority now.

You chose this life,

so don’t you complain.

Or… walk away.


Go back to your place!

Go back

to where you’re unwelcome,

where you can’t work

or pay the rent.


Go back

to where you were born;

go back

to where you came from.

Come on, go.

Go, and stay there

for ever.

Get back,

and stay ‘till death.

Cause there will be

no choice this time.

You’ll die in them,

or you’ll live in me.

Welcome, refugee.

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#1   Excellent poetry, colleague! With a lot of power en each sentence. Congratulations!
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#2   I feel this. Tension
votos: 1    karma: 9
#3   That great texts. Congratulations
votos: 0    karma: 7
#4   Felt the punches in every verse.
Just like that, like tossing coins in the air. As if running away from your country was a bliss.

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